Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hooded Granny Square Crochet Jacket

  It was the beginning of July when I decided to make a hooded granny square jacket. I found a pattern I had purchased from Annie's Attic back in 2010.

After making the required number of squares for my size, I started working on the front border and then got stuck.  I found the the instructions to be less detailed and couldn't understand what they were telling me to do. After re-reading the same instructions and ripping out what I had just crocheted my frustration level increased... a lot.  The one photo provided with the pattern was no help.  After two days, something clicked and I understood what needed to be done.  From this point, I no longer relied on the pattern.

Front border

Side view

I took the jacket to work to show a co-worker...  #@$%^&*!!!  The lime greens are two different shades... and I ordered the yarn at the same time.  My co-worker hardly noticed the two shades of green.

I continued to work on the jacket. I had gotten so far with it, I might as well finish the darn thing.  I continued the left and right back borders.

Further into the jacket, I realized the body was just a wee bit too small and the arms were too short and I was slowly running out of black yarn. I added more rows to compensate my fatness and added a lot more rows on the sleeves.

The right is what the pattern said the arm size would be. Left is my full size arm. I had to make the arm wider and longer.

Back of jacket with hood up

Back of jacket with hood down

Front of jacket with hood down

Overall, the granny square crochet jacket is heavy.  It is a bit tight in the shoulders.  The back flared out so I added three buttons in the front.  I had thought about putting a liner in the jacket but it is so heavy and warm that it probably doesn't need it.  I really like how it turned out and would most likely try it again.  Next time, I would use a slightly bigger hook and maybe add extra granny squares.

My feelings about the pattern:
The instructions should have provided more than one photo and the instructions needed to be more clear. I think the sizing is a bit off (slightly too small).  I will think twice about ordering from this site again seeing how this is my second pattern from the company and both times the sizing was off and the instructions not clear enough and the patterns both lacked photos.


  1. Your sweater turned out beautifully. But I'm in need of understanding how to sew the seam down the hood and when to start adding the borders. Do I attach the hood before starting the border? You are right it really doesnt make any sense.

    1. Thanks. I whip stitched in the back loops only. I did the hood first, then the jacket pieces. The border is the last step in the whole process. I hope that helps.